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Sustainability as A Logistics Super-Ability

Sustainability as A Logistics Super-Ability

24 May 2024

In the world of logistics, being green is not just a color; one could say it's a superpower. At Streem, we regard sustainability as a super-ability. This is how we transform our operations and pave the way for an eco-friendly future.
Sustainability is not an action for the future – it’s what we need if we want to have any future at all, without lagging behind in progress and growth. It extends beyond merely embracing cutting-edge, energy-efficient technologies or transitioning to renewable energy sources. It's a collective responsibility that each of us carries every day.

Sustainability In Action

Streem’s sustainability strategy includes a blend of technology, forward-thinking policies and a dash of green inspiration. Our approach in the way we operate is comprehensive, aiming to nurture the nature that accommodates us and the environment we build.
When it comes to current projects, like Hull logistics park, the policies and technology Streem is using, incorporate a sum of sustainability initiatives. Imagine logistics facilities powered by the sun, thanks to photovoltaic panels sprawling across rooftops. Panels that meet a hefty chunk of our electricity needs, reduce carbon footprints and add a futuristic touch to the warehouses’ design.

Bioclimatic design ensures that all facilities are as cool as they are smart.
We aim to create buildings that breathe - using natural light and ventilation to reduce reliance on artificial systems while integrating smart systems that allow us to monitor and manage energy and water consumption.
Energy and oil are two pillars of our industry.  Keeping their consumption low is a priority that now becomes business as usual. With LED lights and materials that maximize natural lighting and ventilation, consumption hits a new low - for the good!
We adopt shading canopies and a high-tech structure to fight the heat island effect, making surroundings not only pleasant, but also super sustainable.
As for noise and air pollution, our advanced building materials and innovative design manage to keep the volume down as well as the peace with our planet. Restoring local flora through a strategic planting project is our way of maintaining and enhancing biodiversity in areas that would otherwise be heavily polluted.

Recycling in all aspects of our operations is our bit. During a new construction, we’re committed to recycling waste, day in, day out. And by prioritizing products with recycled content and low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions, buildings become as friendly to people as they are to the environment.

Securing LEED certification in all our venues is our top priority, as well as a proof of and a testament to our unwavering commitment to green building practices.

Streeming Sustainability

Streem ‘s sustainability initiatives prove that eco-friendly logistics is not only achievable but also incredibly beneficial. By embracing innovative technologies and eco-friendly practices, we pave the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for the logistics industry.
Sustainability isn’t just a super-ability; it’s a mission, one green initiative at a time.