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Whether it's by sea, road, rail, or air, we're here to make your cargo journey efficient, eco-conscious and seamless. This is our commitment and we're here to exceed your expectations, every step of the way. 

  • Navigating Excellence.

    More than 80% of global trade is carried out by ships.
    We give our 100% to achieve excellence as we stream through the waves.
    Our extensive experience and highly adept team not only respond to your sea freight needs, but also constantly contribute to the improvement of maritime services.

    Thanks to our trusted partnership with major shipping lines, we are able to offer you a vast, comprehensive array of container-based sea transport solutions, connecting ports across the globe.

    Whether it's Full Container Loads (FCL) or Less Container Loads (LCL), Streem Global guarantees top-tier transport services, presenting a wide variety of options and innovative alternatives fully tailored to your needs. Our Sea Freight Department caters to both inbound and outbound shipments, evaluating transport demands and designing solutions using the most cost-effective and time-efficient routes.

    From small groupage shipments to large container loads, Streem Global prides itself on delivering exceptional services with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Experience meets state-of-the-art technology, bringing a real wave of change in maritime transport. Sail with us.

  • Road Freight just got better, safer and greener.

    Yes, we do it better.
    Our international road freight forwarding department, staffed with experienced executives, ensures safe and fast services with daily departures for Full and Groupage freight. Our international road transport coverage spans numerous European countries, presenting comprehensive shipping solutions tailored to your every need.

    Yes, we make it safer.
    Our vast network of partners ensures the fastest and safest transportation services. We take care of all your freight forwarding needs, backed by our standard, full CMR insurance and we offer the choice of extra insurance.

    Yes, wherever we go, we go greener.
    Because ecological transport is our top priority. Streem Global ensures your cargo’s footprint is as light as a feather, no matter how heavy, large and demanding it may be!

    And to keep you happier, we offer

    • multiple departures per week
    • constant equipment availability
    • direct calls to main ports with short transit times
    • high payloads
    • maximum cargo protection through security bolt seals
    • full Freight transport (FTL)
    • transport on pallets
    • transport in any type of packaging
    • transport at controlled temperature
    • direct delivery
    • delivery by appointment
    • express delivery
  • Embark on a new era of rail transport.

    Picture a seamless, efficient, and eco-conscious rail freight experience that transcends distances and connects global hubs, carrying your cargo the safest, fastest way possible.

    No matter the starting point or the final stop, Streem Global's strategic partnerships with local and global rail operators make sure everything flows effortlessly, through Europe’s rail routes.

    We make every second count, because you always come first.
    We tailor our solutions to your every need, delivering your cargo on time, every time. All that, thanks to our expertise and technology that focus not only on your best interest, but also on helping minimize each freight’s environmental impact.

    Our commitment to exceptional service remains unwavering.
    Our vast network works 24/7 to cover distances and your every need.
    Our team of professionals is always on track to exceed your expectations.
    Stay on track, the Streem Global way!

  • Fast, reliable, cloudless.

    That’s what Streem Global’s Air Freight is all about.
    We create the ideal one-stop solution that responds to your unique demands, connecting you to the globe, the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

    How do we achieve this? We ensure you get competitive cost thanks to our exclusive collaborations with major airlines and air freight companies. These partnerships also guarantee reduced transit times and available space for your shipment, always. With access to both the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos and Thessaloniki-Macedonia airports, Streem Global facilitates seamless air shipments to and from airports worldwide, offering door-to-door delivery through a well-established network of correspondents.

    And to make sure things (literally and metaphorically) flow even smoother, we maintain strategic partnerships with leading airlines in order to offer swift and efficient solutions, reducing costs and helping customer satisfaction take off.


Whether it's by sea, road, rail, or air, we're here to make your cargo journey efficient, eco-conscious and seamless. This is our commitment and we're here to exceed your expectations, every step of the way. 

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